Grimes Expands On Anti-Copyright Stance, Launches AI Service To Use Her Vocals

Grimes Expands On Anti-Copyright Stance, Launches AI Service To Use Her Vocals

On April 28, Grimes gave a keynote speech at the International Music Summit in Ibiza, where she spoke about the future of music and AI. (The theme of the summit was “Face The Future.”) It probably won’t surprise anyone to learn that, unlike Drake and most of the industry establishment, Grimes is pro-AI in music. “I feel strongly that there’s way too much gatekeeping in music,” said Grimes. “Copyright sucks. Art is a conversation with everyone that’s come before us. Intertwining it with the ego is a modern concept. The music industry has been defined by lawyers, and that strangles creativity.”

“I think everything about copyright is problematic,” she added. “There’s too much top down control. In the early days of TikTok there was a lot of weird music going viral, but now the gatekeeping stranglehold means less interesting stuff coming out.” As for the idea of creators using vocals from deceased artists, Grimes said, “If I was dead I’d really like people to do it. But I’m not sure everyone would agree. I feel like maybe Prince would’ve been up for it. If it was one of his friends doing it maybe. It’s a tricky one.”

And of former partner Elon Musk, she said, “I’ve had people saying ‘your baby daddy invaded Bolivia for lithium. I’ve been cancelled so many times – I’m not sure it can get worse than saying I support war crimes.” After her keynote, Grimes launched a service called GrimesA1-1 Voiceprint to give AI creators access to her vocals. For $9.99/year, the service will put your song on streaming services. “If you are signed to a label or wish to distribute it yrself plz email us at . You can use Grimes name and likeness (I humbly ask that you please be tasteful tho),” she wrote on April 30. “Grimes is now open source and self replicating.”

Last week Grimes invited creators to use AI-generated audio of her voice to make new music, saying she could provide raw files to help make it happen. “We’re making a program that should simulate my voice well but we could also upload stems and samples for ppl to train their own,” she wrote on Twitter. Grimes also said she would “split 50% royalties on any successful AI generated song that uses my voice,” adding: “Same deal as I would with any artist i collab with. Feel free to use my voice without penalty. I have no label and no legal bindings.”

At that time she also stipulated no Nazi anthems unless it’s a joke.

Ok hate this part but we may do copyright takedowns ONLY for rly rly toxic lyrics w grimes voice: imo you’d rly have to push it for me to wanna take smthn down but I guess plz don’t be *the worst*. as in, try not to exit the current Overton window of lyrical content w regards to sex/violence. Like no baby murder songs plz.

I think I’m Streisand effecting this now but I don’t wanna have to issue a takedown and be a hypocrite later. ***That’s the only rule. Rly don’t like to do a rule but don’t wanna be responsible for a Nazi anthem unless it’s somehow in jest a la producers I guess.
– wud prefer avoiding political stuff but If it’s a small meme with ur friends we prob won’t penalize that. Probably just if smthn is viral and anti abortion or smthn like that.

Current submissions include Grimes/AI renditions of A-Ha’s “Take On Me” and Lana Del Rey’s “Paris, Texas,” among others.

Billboard recently reported that after two singles but no album, Grimes has parted with Columbia Records. She’d signed with the label in 2021.

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