It’s English Beat Day In Los Angeles

It’s English Beat Day In Los Angeles

This past weekend, fans of ’80s new wave in the greater Los Angeles area had some options. There was the goth-centric Cruel World Festival, with Billy Idol and Love And Rockets and Echo & The Bunnymen and Siouxsie Sioux’s first US show in 15 years. But if you were in a sunnier mood, there was also legendary 2-Tone ska band the English Beat — or, if you’re English, just plain the Beat — who headlined the free Fiesta Del Sol festival in Solana Beach.

The English Beat have suffered some serious losses in the past few years. Co-leader Ranking Roger died in 2019, and drummer Everett Morton passed away last year. But Dave Wakeling is still leading a version of the band, and they played the first Cruel World fest last year. (Wakeling gave the crowd permission to leave before Morrissey took the stage.) Unlike any of the acts at this year’s Cruel World, the English Beat have been given their own day in the city of Los Angeles, and that day is today. At City Hall, Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez has declared that May 22, 2023 is English Beat Day.

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