I Am Curious, Pink

Even the New York Times’ Kelefa Sanneh is digging Japane stoner sludge metal trio Boris’ new “Pink”. Of course, I hope my copy comes with the original case:

beautiful all-pink packaging […] including the translucent booklet cover and the insert that looks like 89 acid tabs: three panels of 30, with one missing.

The only thing that’s wrong with that description is that Kalefa’s done more tabs of acid than he’s designed for print, according to reader Glenn:

[T]hey may look like 89 acid tabs to Mr. Sanneh, but […] said “tabs” are in fact perfect parodies of the Pantone chips used in color control for print media. (This is quite in keeping with Boris the band’s double life as a design firm.)

That said, I’m buying Pink next time I go to the store. Even if the artist-title pair sounds like the sort of music best described as “Masiecj and I do part-teee, jess?”, if guitars have ever permanently damaged your hearing, you have no excuse for not downloading this track.

Boris – “6?3?” (MP3 link removed)

If anyone can translate the tracklist, the English-speaking hard-rocking world will thank you.