Stream Dear Science & Its Bonus Tracks

We’ve written at length about Dear Science and the golden age it’s ushering in for the band: It’s TV On The Radio’s most cohesive collection, shows a growth in songwriting, should age really well, etc. As to be expected its bonus tracks are less cohesive (i.e. hodgepodge). There’s “Make Love All Night Long,” a Prince-style come-on that makes sense following-up Dear Science closer “Lover’s Day,” at least thematically. Then we move into 4-minutes of “Non-Music Silence” (not quite Cage silence, kinda like a minimal ambient Kompakt track or the muted noise of crickets through a closed backyard window), the French-plod of “Heroic Dose” and two remixes: Prefuse 73 on “Dancing Choose” and Telepathe on “Crying.” If you haven’t listened to the album yet (it’s out officially on 9/23), you can stream the Dear Science (Deluxe Edition) at (Thanks for the tip, Ethan.) You’ll understand why these bonus tracks are bonus tracks, but it’s interesting to get additional sounds and different angles.