Crumb & Melody’s Echo Chamber – “Le Temple Volant”

Crumb & Melody’s Echo Chamber – “Le Temple Volant”

Here’s a fantastic, unexpected collaboration: The New York experimental indie band Crumb have teamed up with Melody Prochet, the Parisian psych-pop architect known as Melody’s Echo Chamber, on a lovely new tune called “Le Temple Volant.” Over a head-bobbing hip-hop rhythm and a glowing keyboard forcefield, Prochet and Crumb’s Lila Ramani eerily merge their voices. “That keeps happening,” goes the chorus. “It’s kind of humbling/ It’s still haunting me.”

Prochet shared this statement:

I remember the first time I heard Crumb’s music, it was the song “Locket” that blew my mind. I think it kind of enlightened that spark in me that loves music so passionately, and made me reach out to them. The love was mutual and once that door was opened, we had to create something together, it’s been a nice flow of ideas back and forth.

Crumb also offered a good word:

[Melody’s] music feels deeply nostalgic and so intertwined with that tender period of first starting the band. When she reached out to us during lockdown expressing her love for our music, it was a surreal and full circle moment. It feels right for this to be our first song with another musical artist… We came together for the first time to film part of the video, which was filmed on Roosevelt Island, with additional filming in New Zealand and Australia.

Hear “Le Temple Volant” below.

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