Laura Cantrell Meets The Boss

Earlier this month we posted some guilt-free MP3s and I was excited to see requests in the commnts for Laura Cantrell. Thing is, we posed posted “14th Street” in May so she didn’t make the cut. But now, an excuse to blog about her…

I’m sure you heard about Springsteen’s surprise appearance at the NY Guitar Festival’s Nebraska Project. Chris has a great story at Beware Of The Blog about his (and Laura Cantrell’s) run-in with Bruce after the show. There’s also a QT download of Laura’s performance of “Used Cars” that night.

Until an MP3 surfaces, download this cut from Humming By The Flowered Vine.

Laura Cantrell – “14th Street” (MP3)

Laura talked about the lovely tune (and in doing so, my hood) at her label’s site.

“To a lot of New Yorkers, 14th Street is the unofficial divide between uptown and downtown. I personally love 14th street ? the Salvation Army, Union Square, the L train running just below. I think this song also perfectly sums up the moment when you see someone you?re obsessed with on the street and decide whether it’s worth it to say hello or stay safely in the background.”

The song’s even a ringtone, though I doubt they’ve sold any … so you can be the first.