Editors at the Mercury Lounge

Way back in October, the UK’s Independent followed Editors and Maxïmo Park to a show in Nashville, asking if the new wave of arty British rock could make it in the US. Then, asked if their early success in Great Britain would translate to the US, frontman Tom Smith chose to punt:

“I don’t know…This show is a bit of a one off. We’re going to come and give America a serious crack in the new year. It’s a big market, and we’d love to do well here. But we’re doing well in Europe and the UK at the moment, and it would be foolish to take our eyes off that at the moment.”

As quoted by Village Indian, 2006’s first “serious crack” on Friday knocked everyone on their ass:

“We honestly didn’t expect the crowd to be that vocal,” drummer Ed Lay told me after the show. “You figure a New York crowd is going to cross their arms and make a long face. These guys were just great.”

According to his writeup, and some of the comments he’s gotten, Editors pulled off the alchemical transmutation of hype into buzz that some other British acts have not.

Editors – “Fingers In The Factories” (MP3 link removed)

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Editors @ Mercury Lounge, 2006, from Village Indian