I Like Food, Food Tastes Good: The Indie Rock Cookbook

When reader John sent in a tip about a new “Indie Rock Cookbook”, he predicted “lots of omlettes and brownies”. I guessed more than one band would be disappointed to find out Ice Cream Soup was taken already. In reality, the recipies run the scale from simple to complex, and come from bands including Belle & Sebastian, Superchunk, Death Cab for Cutie (PB & veggie sausage sandwich), the Decemberists, the Violent Femmes (Brian Ritchie makes a mean Wild Boar Ragu), NOFX, the Walkmen, My Morning Jacket (“the You Can Care If You Wanna Sandwich”) and a million other bands you liked before they were big. Even Grandaddy had time to get one off before they broke up eroded!

Author Kara Zuaro was testing deserts when I stopped by, so I only go to try three dishes, and she wouldn’t let me copy down any recipies, either, since the book won’t be out for another year.

Desserts from Okkervil River, Smoosh, and Devendra Banhart (shot by Roger Kisby)

Ok, I did copy a line from Devendra Banhart’s exclamation point-packed recipe Africanitas Ricas (fancy fried bananas):

“now, chop the beautyful godsends (the bananas) into the size of 8 quarters glued together, do this with all the beautyfulll godsends”

You should see the part where he tries to capture the joy of eating them in eight lines of keyboard-mashing.

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MP3s, reviews, and the story behind the cookbook after the jump.

Devendra Banhart – “At The Hop” (MP3 Link Expired)

After Devendra’s tasty fried bananas, I also tried Smoosh’s favorite desert, an excellent Swedish thing called Varldens Basta Pannkaka. It’s a Dutch Baby-like custard-y cake, and (ballpark) the name means “World’s Best Pancake”. I think.

Smoosh – “It’s Not Your Day To Shine” (MP3 Link Expired)

Smoosh is obviously a little young to roam loose in the kitchen, so it’s ok if they’re sending in grandma’s recipe. Okkervil River has no excuse for sending in grandma’s recipe for Buttermilk Pie, except for the fact that it’s fucking amazing. It makes cheesecake seem light.

Okkervil River – “Black” (MP3 Link Expired)

Kara Zuaro, author (shot by Roger Kisby)

According to Kara, the whole thing got started during a conversation with Aloha, when they begged off chatting on account of painfully empty stomachs. Kara, a freelance writer, got in the habit of cooking meals for touring indie bands her boyfriend’s label brought her in contact with. Discovering that talking about food with road-weary musicians was a great way to break the ice for her freelance interviews, Kara started saving the recipies. When her roommate, a newly-promoted literary agent, started talking about the book, she got enough interest that it practically sold itself. Kara’s only got around 70 of the 100 recipes she wants, though, so if you know any bands with good recipes, send her an email at [email protected].

(Photo credit goes to Roger Kisby)