Annie & HeyWillPower Duet On “Chewing Gum”

Will Schwartz from Imperial Teen did what all indie rock bloggers dream about: karaoke with Annie on “Chewing Gum.”

When Jed, Jim, and I were DJing (er, “battling“) with Fluxblog last week, Matt mentioned he would be posting the cut the next day. But too many vodka sodas and we forgot to link.

HeyWillPower (Will’s new side-project) is offering it up as a free MP3 on MySpace as well, in case Matty’s link comes down.

Imperial Teen are back in the studio this summer. Yoo hoo! That song’s so catchy I never noticed how creepy the lyrics are. But maybe that’s why it worked so well in Jawbreaker. And to this day the song reminds me of Rose McGowan.