New Boduf Songs – “Quiet When Group”

Boduf Songs, aka Southampton, UK resident Mat Sweet, makes some of the duskiest, autumnal, and beautiful loner psychedelia. On his second full-length How Shadows Chase The Balance he sticks to his stripped-down approach (one bedroom at night + a microphone, acoustic guitar, field recordings, and occasional percussion, bass, etc., accents), creating another collection of minimal, deeply resonant compositions. For instance, take a listen to his windy mantra, “Quiet When Group.” You might hear some Elliott Smith or a one-man Simon & Garfunkel on a goth kick: “A certain seed will flourish / When you / burn your house down / To roll around in all the ash / There was something I was supposed to do / I was going to say something / It’s gone…”

Boduf Songs – “Quiet When Group” (MP3)

While you’re celebrating the start of fall with Boduf Songs, you should take a look at this video for his “Pitiful Shadow Engulfed In Darkness” and its “blood on the breeze.”

How Shadows Chase The Balance is out 9/29 via Kranky. You can also check out Mathew’s label, Blue Baby.

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