Kanye Is Jesus, Axl Is Irrelevant

Kanye West, who caused a Stereogum uproar with his Katrina telethon Bush-bashing, is on the cover of the new Rolling Stone. Posing as Jesus. We’re not surprised. And probably only Pat Robertson will care.

If you’ve been paying attention, you know Mr. West’s ego knows no bounds. According to AP, the Q&A is more of the same: he complains that people don’t like his boasting, he complains that “Gold Digger” wasn’t nominated for Best Rap Song, and complains that “My misery is your pleasure.”

On the RS front, I’m far more interested that they got Axl Rose to come out of hiberation again. Mr. ‘N Roses promises Chinese Democracy will drop this year, not realizing no one cares anymore.

He looks like an older, more pathetic Kevin Federline in that photo.

UPDATE: For unedited Kanye … download the RS podcast (ZIP). In it he admits he’s insecure, later evidenced by this hilarious blurb from Entertainment Weekly

KANYE: “Do you think my new video should be ‘Touch the Sky’ or ‘We Major?’ … You think that ‘Touch the Sky’ could provide the energy to give the album a sales resurgence like ‘Hollaback Girl’ did for Gwen Stefani? I know I have to come up with some out-of-the-ballpark ideas for the video. I can’t miss on this one!”

Aw, Kanye revealed his inner Gwennabe!