New Minus Five & Wilco – “With A Gun”

Not a cover of the great Steely Dan song, but awesome nonetheless. “With A Gun” is is the fifth cut on the new self-titled Minus Five LP. I didn’t expect the collection to be so instantly lovable, nor so poppy, considering all its references to weapons, murder, and death. “The Gun Album” delivers perfectly-constructed Beatlesque pop along the along lines of Wondermints or Candy Butchers, and with a star-studded indie rock cast (below), you’re sure to want on your iPod.

The Minus 5 = Scott McCaughey, Peter Buck, Bill Rieflin, John Ramberg, Jeff Tweedy, John Stirratt, Glenn Kotche, Mike Jorgensen, Tucker Jackson, John Moen, Jim Talstra, Eric Lovre, Colin Meloy, John Wesley Harding, Kelly Hogan, Morgan Fisher, Sean Nelson, Ken Stringfellow

I was gonna give you the twangy ballad “Cemetery Row” (’cause it’s got your dreamboy Colin Meloy on vocals) but I like the Tweedy track even more, and it’s more indicative of the album’s vibe. Kudos to Young Fresh Fellow and Minus Five founder Scott McCaughey who wrote/co-wrote this kick-ass pop album, wicked sense of humor intact. “I’ll kick your sister’s ass / I’m gonna take your brother’s face and smash it in the grass…” Enjoy:

The Minus Five (Feat. Wilco) – “With A Gun” (MP3 Link Expired)