New Lambchop – “National Talk Like A Pirate Day”

Tomorrow’s International Talk Like A Pirate day, everybody. Get psyched I guess? Yeah me neither. But any excuse to pause and appreciate new Lambchop is a good one, and Wagner’s crew have penned an ode perfect for sharing on the eve of Peter Sarsgaard’s favorite day. It’s rollicking and rootsy, but far from a novelty song, and not exactly in the running to be a theme song for the pirate parroting population, either. Sings Kurt:

Bring out your eye patch and parrot, I’ve been informed it’s National Talk Like A Pirate Day / Perhaps their singing is a refuge from other, equally uncomfortable thoughts.

Sorry pirates, your day’s just another way to get distracted from those pangs of existential angst. FACT. But it’s a fact that comes wrapped in Wagner’s reassuring baritone, which is itself a refuge from other, equally uncomfortable thoughts, for me anyway. You’ve got your Talk Like A Pirate Day, and I’ve got my Lambchop. We’re not so different after all.

Lambchop – “National Talk Like A Pirate Day” (MP3)

OH (ohio) is out 10/9 via Merge. Also check out “Slipped Dissolved And Loosed.” Also, poor Peter Sarsgaard will never live it down.

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