Behind The Music: K-Fed’s “Popozao”

Never has a song inspired such ridicule so quickly! I can barely keep up with all the Internet musings on Kevin Federline’s “PopoZão”. When we premiered the MP3, you weren’t impressed. The title is apparently Portuguese slang for “luscious ass”/”bring your ass” though Tian points out that in Mandarin “po po” means “mother-in-law” and “zao” means “in a mess.” Funny.

1. MTV News RAW Overdrive shows us Britney’s babydaddy keeping it real in the studio.

2. Video quickly finds its way onto YouTube…

3. Krazy K-Fed footage becomes the new “Lazy Sunday” for Web satirists.

Kevin from G4TV wrote us about his parody…

If you liked the video of K-Fed rocking out to “PopoZão” in his recording studio, you just might like Attack of the Show’s parody that aired yesterday.

We literally conceived the idea this morning at 10:00am and had it ready for the live show by 3:00pm. It was an insane turnaround time, but we pulled it off and we’re all very proud of the parody.

I hope you and your viewers enjoy it!

Nice job, Kev. But you’ve opened the floodgates. Got Popo-parody? Post it in the comments, yo yo.

UPDATE: James Lipton reads the lyrics on Conan O’Brien.