New Colin Meloy & Carson Ellis – “Charlie” & Child

Last night I had tickets to Colin Meloy and Laura Veirs at Town Hall. I’ve seen Colin perform a number of times, with the Decemberists and solo, covering Morrissey songs and was never disappointed. Laura Veirs released one of my favorite albums of 2005 so I was especially excited to see her live. But I didn’t go to the show (reason why in a post later today).

Mrs. Stereogum took her friends in my absence and fills us in on the excitement:

Colin announced he and girlfriend/Decemberillustrator Carson Ellis are having a baby in a month! Congrats kids! Colin even performed a song he wrote to the fetus. The lovely chorus was “It’s weird and it’s wonderful, dear” and there was a line about “tumblin’ in Dublin,” TMI about where the baby was conceived. But we want MP3! [See below.]

On stage he was joined by a “cast of characters”: a small sheep (named Erick, the ‘c’ is silent), a skull (Cheryl), and a ship (Maya Angelou). He mused that they represented life, death, and … ships. See, Colin’s funny too!

Check out the awesome Decemberists merch (designed by Carson, obvs). You need this shit. But more importantly, Colin and Carson need to buy a crib. Purchase a t-shirt for the poor and wretched chimbley sweep in your life!

Thanks EJ, and thanks for bringing home the limited edition EP they were selling at the show: Colin Meloy Sings: Trad. Arr. Shirley Collins. After listening to Colin’s versions, I scrounged up originals by the obscure Brit folkie, and apparently Shirley Collins songs are tailor made for an “artful anachronist” like Colin, as The New York Times explains.

In the last few years [Meloy] has quickly established himself as one of the premier new songwriters in rock, charming critics and ever-growing crowds with songs set in a fantastical world of Victorian chimney sweeps and dockside prostitutes, infant ghosts and exotic royal parades. His lyrics giddily engage a Scrabble master’s vocabulary; one song on the Decemberists’ latest album, Picaresque, rhymes folderol, chaparral and coronal.

From the EP, here’s Colin (with babymamma Carson on vocals and C. Funk on banjo) covering Shirley Collins, followed by the original.

Colin Meloy (Feat. Carson Ellis) – “Charlie” (MP3 Link Expired)
Shirley Collins – “Charlie” (MP3 Link Expired)

UPDATE: Ask, and ye shall receive MP3. Not weird and most certainly wonderful, this tune. Thanks Nicole

Colin Meloy – “Baby Song (Live)” (MP3 Link Expired)