Storefront Church – “Tapping On The Glass”

Storefront Church – “Tapping On The Glass”

These new Storefront Church tracks are hitting. Lukas Frank will release his latest album under that alias, Ink & Oil, just two weeks from now, and its advance singles “The High Room,” “Coal,” and “Melting Mirror” have been the best kind of grandiose. As one commenter put it a few weeks back, “Not enough current artists channel ‘The Drift’ era Scott Walker. This is awesome.”

Today Frank’s got another one for us. “Tapping On The Glass” gives me Grizzly Bear and Radiohead vibes, and its weeping, soaring string section sends it caterwauling to incredible heights. You can see why he made this one the album closer. Listen below.

There’s also a video for “Coal” out today, directed by Frank:

Ink & Oil is out 6/28.

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