Stereogum Does SXSW

That post about why I didn’t go to the Colin Meloy show … it’ll have to wait ’til Monday (too many MP3s, videos, and scans involved). In the meantime, I am very excited to finally announce SOUTH BY STEREOGUM. For the first time ever I’ll be going to SXSW and, along with StereoJim and StereoJed, putting on a day party with our friends at Immediate Media.

More details coming soon. But I promise awesomeness. We’ll have limited-edition silkscreen posters, non-stop free liquor, and maybe even pony rides! As I said, details TK.

In the meantime, being newbies, we’ll take any and all SXSW survival advice. Flights are booked, as is the motel, but we’re not springing for the $450-a-head badges. From what I hear, they’re totally unnecessary. Apparently there are $75 wristbands you can buy instead? And lots of free day parties (like ours)!

But fuckin’ Ted Leo, Rogue Wave, Thunderbirds, Milwaukee, and Aloha! Playing for Stereogum? Crazy delicious.

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