New Max Tundra Video – “Will Get Fooled Again”

Max Tundra’s “Which Song” offered a promising first taste for his forthcoming third album Parallax Error Beheads You, the first proper collection since 2002’s Mastered By Guy At The Exchange. Max isn’t wasting much time getting us further acquainted with Parallax, already offering up a video for a Woof Wan Bu-directed video for the Who-inverted “Will Get Fooled Again.” The song’s an uptempo new wave love-in-the-digital-age track that references Google image search, Friendster, eBay, and the like (think about the song title again). The video has a singing bloody scab/beauty mark/mole, a tuneful rotten tooth, and some throbbing spaghetti.

(Via P4K)

That’s a pretty great 3-minute weirdo pop song. Keep them coming, Max Tundra.

Parallax Error Beheads You is out 11/18 via Domino.

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