Ed Schrader’s Music Beat – “Daylight Commander”

Ed Schrader’s Music Beat – “Daylight Commander”

Baltimore DIY duo Ed Schrader’s Music Beat were a Stereogum Band To Watch way the hell back in 2012. Since then, they’ve gone through tons of musical evolution, but they’ve never slowed down. Today, ESMB have announced plans to follow their 2022 album Nightclub Daydreaming with a new one called Orchestra Hits, and they’ve shared lead single “Daylight Commander.”

On Orchestra Hits, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat branch out a bit, with longtime collaborators Ed Schrader and Devlin Rice welcoming their buddy Dylan Going in as co-writer and co-producer. “Daylight Commander” is a theatrical and homespun but muscular indie rock song with some cool synth-twinkles. Here’s what Ed Schrader says about it:

“Daylight Commander” is about people with vastly opposing political views living in tight proximity (think grumpy roommates or that cousin with a MAGA hat) and the friction created therein and how most of the things each side fear are just self-fulfilling prophecy projected by profit-driven talking heads. It also has a comedic slant — like it’s super awkward eating next to someone who thinks you’re toxic sludge and doesn’t mind telling you between servings of mashed potatoes.

I went full High School Musical with the vocals. At first, it felt almost embarrassing, but I remember reading somewhere that Bowie recommended always floating a little bit above your comfort zone, and that’s what we did here. If ever we had a “Shiny Happy People” moment, I guess this is it.

This summer, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat are heading out on tour with fellow Baltimore staples Future Islands. The first time I saw either of those bands, they were playing together in a tea shop 13 years ago. Now, they’re still touring together, but they’re playing places like Radio City Music Hall. Below, check out the Devon Voelkel-directed “Daylight Commander” video, the Orchestra Hits tracklist, and those tour dates.

01 “Roman Candle”
02 “Into Knotted Trees”
03 “IDKS”
04 “Blue Garden”
05 “I Turn The Ocean Blue”
06 “Water Front”
07 “Daylight Commander”
08 “Silver”
09 “Noonday Sun”

Orchestra Hits is out 9/20 on Upset The Rhythm.

Joanna Tillman

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