Jacko ’06: Not New, Not Improved

When we last caught up with Michael Jackson, he was pumping iron in Bahrain, part of a post-trial extreme makeover that included wearing shorter wigs and less make-up. Last week, MJ was spotted in a shopping mall there, under a veil and black robe, presumably hiding his guns until they’re Diesel enough for public view.

Big news: yesterday, the 47-year-old non-pedophile de-robed in Hamburg, where he’s visiting Wolfgang Schleiter! (Yeah, I don’t know who that is either!)

Where’s the new macho Jacko we were promised? And where’s his Katrina charity single? And why is he suffocating Prince Michael Jr.? Jacko, you’re Off. The. Wall.

Let’s relive happier times, with an acoustic cover of Thriller’s “Human Nature” by David Mead. I saw the singer/songwriter perform this when he opened for Joe Jackson (the new waver, not Michael’s father) at Roseland a few years ago. I’ll spare you Ben Gibbard’s “Thriller.”

David Mead – “Human Nature” (MP3 Link Expired)