Ghost’s Rite Here Rite Now Breaks “Hard Rock Cinema” Box Office Record

Ghost’s Rite Here Rite Now Breaks “Hard Rock Cinema” Box Office Record

Last week, Ghost’s debut feature film Rite Here Rite Now premiered in theaters. Today it was announced that the Swedish pop-metal band broke a record for “the highest-grossing hard rock cinema event ever in North America,” according to a press release from the band. In other words, its opening weekend box office in the territory was the biggest ever for a hard rock movie.

With a cumulative total gross of $2.65 million, the film entered the Top 10 of the North America box office. It also grossed $5.04 million worldwide. Rite Here Rite Now was produced by Alex Ross Perry along with the group’s Tobias Forge, who said in a statement, “Having wanted to make a movie for most of my life, I was overwhelmed to see the interest our fans showed in the film before it was even released. Now as people seem to have not only seen it, but also seem to dig it… That really gets my motor humming. Thank you all!”

It’s unclear which movie held the previous record for “hard rock” opening weekend box office. The 2008 bomb The Rocker, starring Rainn Wilson as a glam metal has-been, earned $2.64 million in the US and Canada on its opening weekend, so maybe it was that.

The soundtrack for the movie will come out on July 26 on Loma Vista.

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