Raavi – “Henry”

Raavi – “Henry”

Raavi, the New York indie-pop band led by Raavi Sita, have a new EP on the way. The Upside drops in September, preceded this week by new single “Henry.” Despite its bright melody and quick runtime, it’s heavy with emotion, billed by Sita as “a dissection of many experiences I had with boys during my formative years.”

She continues:

It’s about realizing I wasn’t being seen by the boys and men in my life as just myself, but as a girl first. I grew up androgynous, able to act like a chameleon to fit in with my male and female friend groups with relative seamlessness in which my tomboy gender expression, while definitely acknowledged by my peers, also gave me a freedom to exist in both gendered worlds to some degree. At some point this reality came crashing down on me. I experienced what I think a lot of gender nonconforming kids go through in that I went from being viewed as Raavi, to Raavi the girl and all the implications that being a girl comes with.

Listen below.

The Upside is out 9/13 via Mtn Laurel Recording Co.

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