Beach Boy, Black Cab

That lucky old dog’s had himself a fine month, going from paying compliments to Zooey to skipping across the water to share his wares with the Brits. While in London he did what you’re supposed to do while you’re in London in 2008: have a seat in a black cab and let the Sessions folks roll tape. Brian’s joined with his band of harmony makers/sycophantic cheerleaders (“the great Brian Wilson” and “testify” and other good stuff coming from them), the group offering up the title track from the recently released, often brilliant That Lucky Old Sun LP. Having spent a year of my life in London, I can “testify” that it’s usually nothing but clouds. But obviously that lucky old sun knows well enough to follow its own lucky old son. And besides, Brian looks great in shades. (Stick around through the end for a little “California Girls.”)

(via P4K)

That Lucky Old Sun is out via Capitol. You can still stream it over at USA Today.