Lisa Loeb In A Thong

Waited for Wednesday to post my big Lisa Loeb entry, even though I had it drafted days ago. I wanted to dig up enough media to make it fun for fans and non-fans alike.

Has anyone seen Lisa Loeb’s new reality show #1 Single? She comes off as completely charming. And, at 37, she still has that “sexy-and-smart girl-next-door persona” (quote via her new album’s press release).

It’s not a bad program, especially episode two in which E! pervert-on-call Isaac Mizrahi coaxes the star to prance around in a thong.

Of course the video got YouTubed:

Fun fact: With “Stay (I Missed You)” Loeb became the first unsigned artist to ever have a #1 Single. But did you know: EVERYONE knows EVERY WORD to that song? Including Fox News anchors and Stephen Colbert. Watch Lisa’s hliarious cameo on The Colbert Report here (Windows Media).

First, some background for Gen Y: At Brown University Lisa formed a duo with Ida’s Elizabeth Mitchell, then the whole Reality Bites thing put her on the map, then she had two six-year relationships back to back. First one was with producer Juan Patiño (who’s presently promoting Anatomy of a Breakup), second was with her Food TV co-host Dweezil Zappa (who’s presently designing amplifiers).

Now Lisa’s looking for a nice Jewish boy on reality TV. And taking the opportunity to put out a Greatest Hits. Lisa’s MySpace is streaming a few cuts from this Very Best Of.

I sorta dug Tails, but Lisa quickly jumped the shark after that. Each album got progressively more Lilithy, and honestly, I could never bring myself to purchase a CD with Hello Kitty on the cover.


Lisa’s sister Debbie, who appears on the show, has a MySpace profile as well. You can go there to hear her terrible “Faraway Ballad” and its two remixes, but we don’t recommend. [“‘Sounds like’ = Lasgo, 4 Strings, Ian Van Dahl, QED.”]

Meanwhile, that dick Allen Salkin who took Lisa on a doughtnut date is getting his just desserts. (In the show Allen gossips about his “celebrity” date to Page Six in order to promote his shitty book about Festivus.) Lisa was PISSED. Viewers react via’s hot or not poll:

Hot! 05%
Not! 94%

Yes, I know that doesn’t add up to 100%. Take it up with E! Online.

For MP3, I’m going with the obvious tune, but a “living room mix” that you may not have heard. It’s from the Reality Bites: 10th Anniversary Edition.

Lisa Loeb – “Stay (I Missed You) [Living Room Mix]” (MP3 Link Expired)

And that’s your first and last Stereogum post about Lisa Loeb. Unless she’s topless in episode 3.

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