Sonic Youth, Lionel Richie, And Nightmare Of You

This is great:

From via Ultragrrrl (happy birthday Sarah!).

Miss Lewitinn is so busy since she stopped drinking, so I can barely keep up with where she works these days. We were coworkers at two separate times in the last five years, but not anymore.

Anyway, I got a phone call from Ultra ’round midnight last Wednesday where she was seated in front of Jay-Z and LA Reid at an Island/Def Jam showcase. Lionel Richie was on stage singing “Hello,” and Sarah’s holding her Sidekick in the air for two minutes while I say “Hello? Sarah? Hellllo?” until I just have to hang up.

Some background: Some say Lionel Richie’s “Hello” is the worst music video of all time, but I say it’s awesomely bad. So awesomely bad that my wife and I named our cat Lionel Richie. And I made the video’s infamous clay head my Technorati icon and AOL IM avatar:

So thanks for the concert call Ultragrrrl. A lovely gesture.

Sarah is dating Jay-Z now and running her own label Stolen Transmission for Island/Def Jam. She’s driving Nightmare Of You down the road to success, so this is my birthday present to her. Go stream four NOY songs here and if you like what you hear, submit questions to the band at MTVu (you have three more days to do so). The band will answer them in a video blog launching later this month.

Shitty birthday present I know. I’ll have to stop by Urban Outfitters or something on the way to Orchard Bar.