Yacht Rock Gets Medieval On Your Ass | Hall & Oates & Will & Grace

I’d watch any viral vid that parodies Skunk Baxter, but no one does it like Channel 101’s Yacht Rock.

Hollywood Steve gambled with some inside humor and a historical setting in Episode 6. Points for experimenting, but it cost them 1st place at the screening.

Download here: Yacht Rock #6 (MP4)

And to those with video iPods, get off your lazy ass and replace the ubiquitous “Lazy Sunday” with Yacht Rock #2 (MP4).

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[Sidenote: At my friend’s Super Bowl party, half the crowd poured into a bedroom at halftime when someone rolled a joint, curiously blasting Hall & Oates on his PC. So I missed the Olding Stones. I heard Keef exposed a nipple or something?]

UPDATE: Hall & Oates sent themselves up on Will & Grace tonight. Highlights from Ben Gibbard’s and Brandon Flowers’ favorite band’s cameo:

WILL: Are you Hall & Oates?
OATES: Yeah. Actually, it’s Oates & Hall now.
HALL: Every 25 years we flip it. When I agreed to it, I didn’t think we’d last this long.

OATES: Lemme ask you something. Did we sleep together in Dayton, Ohio in 1981?
KAREN: Maybe. Were you in that pile with Chrissie Hynde and Joan Jett?

KAREN: Hey Tall and Oates, I’m not paying you two to stand around. Guess I should’ve hired hired Men At Work. Maybe we should pick up some dirty plates???
HALL: I can’t got for that. No can do.
OATES: Whoops! Now you gotta put a dollar in the Old Lyric Jar.
HALL: You and that jar. Sometimes I think we’ve never gonna have that pizza party.

Hall & Oates – “I Can’t Go For That (DMC Remix)” (MP3 Link Expired)

Hall is currently battling Lyme Disease. Relevant links on Daryl’s Lyme Disease resource page.

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