Hot Topic Is A Hot Topic

There are no Hot Topics in Manhattan, but I assume it’s in every mall of America. I visited a store once (Roosevelt Field, holla!), so I get the gist.

Anyway, reader Erin e-mailed:

Hello, I’m a longtime reader of Stereogum, and I was surfing the web when I came across the front page of Hot Topic’s website. I normally wouldn’t send stuff like this, but I thought you had to see what their idea of what indie kids looked like. Personally, I think their idea of “indie” is very reminiscent of the ’50s diner scene in Ghost World.

Nice find Erin.

Anyway, days later our mailbag was graced with a promo of MC Lars’ Graduate. How apropros:

MC Lars (Feat The Matches) – “Hot Topic Is Not Punk Rock” (MP3 Link Expired)

Lars calls his music post-punk laptop rock. Good for a few chuckles, but it’s mostly not-as-clever Paul Barman.

So, we’ll leave you with Le Tigre. Has nothing to do with the counter-culture version of Spencer Gifts, but a classic must-download with a newly unfortunate moniker. Enjoy.

Le Tigre – “Hot Topic” (MP3 Link Expired)