New Killers – “Human”

When the Killers debuted a couple of new tracks at their fan club (i.e. Sam’s Club) show in NYC this summer, we noted Brandon had “remembered how to shave, how not to ape the Boss, and how to write a hook.” That breakdown’s somewhat applicable to the first studio song from the band’s forthcoming set Day & Age: “Human” has an alright chorus, no part of it owes a debt to NJ’s finest, and that’s a recent press shot over there. The track’s bulit around synths, a dance beat, and the ’80s, although it’s less the youthful, midnight glitz of Hot Fuss, more the glitter of a chill-out, late night afterparty.

Stream it here.

Stuart Price is on production there. Day & Age is due out 11/25 via Island.

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