New Live Handsome Furs – “Legal Tender” & “Thy Will Be Done”

About a month ago, Dan Boeckner and Alexei Perry, aka the happily married Handsome Furs, performed two new songs on the University of Minnesota’s Radio K. In “Legal Tender,” Boeckner tells us “my love is legal tender,” but the song’s actually pretty good (nice and crunchy). The other track “Thy Will Be Done” is a Bible-referencing, dusky, driving Boeckner-style ballad that’s punctuated with, and ends in, blasts of distortion. Watch and listen over at Radio K (via P4K). The duo’s still reportedly at work on a Plague Park followup, tentatively titled Face Control, but they head to Europe to play some dates in three days, so it doesn’t look like they’re in a rush. The Euro dates are at their MySpace.