How Did You Know I Have An iPod?

Catching up with Vanilla Ice:

Washington, D.C.: I understand that you have both a pet kangaroo and a lynx. Where did you get such exotic pets?

Vanilla Ice: Ya, it’s funny how people found out — my kangaroo got loose. It was on CNN and I was in London at the time. I have a goat, too. The goat pushed the gate open with his head and they both got out and ran around. And the goat and the kangaroo never parted. The whole entire time.

He also insists NO Suge Knight did NOT dangle him from a balcony. He was just very firm with him. And, answering the question, “What’s on your iPod?”, ‘nilla says:

As far as my iPod. I still listen to the old school hip hop, but 50s music, Ludicris and Paul Wall, a lot of that stuff. I listen to Rage Against the Machine, Slipknot and other hardcore stuff. It’s all mood. If I’m racing motocross I listen to slipknot or System of a Down. I love Jay-Z and NAS and Jadakiss and stuff like that.

How did you know I have an iPod[?]

Yeah, really. It would have been way better if someone asked what was on his Commodore Evic. (Thanks to Ezra for the link!)

Also, Coldplay broke up. Or not. Write your own five-years-from-now “Catching up with…” Q&A for Chris Martin in the comments.

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