Rolling Stones Controversy

Some things never change. The Rolling Stones stage a massive free concert in Rio and delight a million poor fans. Meanwhile, William Safire can’t take his mind off the band’s poor grammar. From Sunday’s NYTimes Magazine:

During halftime at Super Bowl XL, Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones performed “Satisfaction,” their 1965 hit. He pointed out in his introduction to the song that it could have been sung at Super Bowl I, adding, “Everything comes to he who waits.” That was a verbal malfunction more shocking than a previous Janet Jackson halftime. Because he is the subjective case of the third-person male pronoun, it cannot be the object of the preposition to. The pronoun must be the objective case him.

Oh shit, Mick you got SERVED.

Meanwhile, a Stereogum reader needs your help:

Hello Mr. Stereogum,
I’m a reader from Mexico. The Rolling Stones are playing next Sunday over here and I’m trying to get some tickets by answering this mexican mag trivia. There is just one question I don’t know, so hopefully you, being the music oracle that you are, have the answer: What movie director has The Rolling Stones as a fetish?

If you’re going to help Antontio out, please for the love of god note your pronoun usage.