Truth Doesn’t Make A Noise- it Blogs!

Via Best Week Ever, via Ms. Modern Age, Jack White pokes bloggers, Spin, Pitchfork, VH1, indie labels, and failed stand-up comedians in one long post:

The internet blogger. All of twelve, with not much knowledge of the power of the written word. It’s tricky, words can kill.
What a funny album, coming from divided critics to supposed disappointing sales, to going platinum in several countries, to making most critics top ten lists, to winning a Grammy. That?s funny, right? When that happens pitchfork has to call spin to confer on whether to ignore or make fun of it. They lose perspective, the sewer worker below their lower east side Manhattan hipster bar out smarts them every time.
Now those printied opinions are probably coming from the person sitting next to you on his laptop at the mall. Why should you care about their opinion? Why shouldn?t you? Who are all those people on vh1 trashing everyone? Why does a failed stand up comedian have the final word on the rubik?s cube?
“Indie” isn’t a word handed down from God. You can’t bless yourself with that word, you can’t immerse yourself in the idea of indie and expect to be exempt from all contempt, artistic criticism, and “selling out”. It doesn’t make your art pure just because you have knighted yourself “anti-pop”. For example, most indie record labels rip off bands WAY more than major labels, you know why? Because they can get away with it.

True. Look what happened to Hot Topic when they went indie. But no way is VH1 giving you the last word on the Rubic’s Cube- just wait for Totally Awesome Failed Comedians.