Exit Music For The Oscars (And New Calexico)

Exit Music For The Oscars (And New Calexico)

Five random covers from cool new and newish releases. What, you’d prefer Three 6 Mafia?

  • Ambulance LTD – “Fearless (Live)” (MP3 Link Expired)
    Beautiful, shoegazey Pink Floyd cover from NYC kids’ upcoming New English EP, which also includes two new songs and assorted rarities.

  • Richard Thompson – “Tempted (Live)” (MP3 Link Expired)
    Cocker and Sting have both attempted this Squeeze classic, but I like Thompson’s best. From his 1000 Years Of Popular Music (w/ DVD) (which includes a Britney cover!).

  • Calexico – “Dance Of Death” (MP3 Link Expired)
    The appropriately eerie tribute to the reclusive but influential folk guitarist John Fahey can be heard on I Am the Resurrection. Newbies, pick up Return Of The Repressed.

  • Mark Ronson (Feat Alex Greenwald) – “Just” (MP3 Link Expired)
    I had the same reaction as Pitchfork: Sylvester, what were you thinking?! Oh, and another Radiohead tribute?! If Ronson and Alex Phantom Planet’s cut is any indication, though, Exit Music: Songs For Radioheads will be totally funky.

  • Pansy Division – “Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond Of Each Other” (MP3 Link Expired)
    Actually, this one ain’t new. It’s from 1995, sent in by a reader. But why let Willie Nelson get all the acclaim? A decade before he felt “the time was right” to unleash a gay cowboy song on America, Pansy Division beat him to it.

    OK, I can’t let you go with just covers. The new Calexico full-length is way too good. Perhaps the band’s best. Listen to this slow-burning ballad build into an all out rocker. The haunting close to Garden Ruin, out April 11.

    Calexico – “All Systems Red” (MP3 Link Expired)

    Oh, and Crash? Seriously? Did anyone else see Nicholson mouth “wow”? Finally, Best Actor nominee David Strathairn’s indie rock connection? He costarred with Jenny Lewis! (Reese Witherspoon did too, in Pleasantville. Thanks Tyler.)

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