Weezer Cover Oasis, Are Psyched About Their Tour Revenue

Rivers and company are out on tour supporting that much blogged Red Album, and they’re raking it in arena-style. (Tonight they’ll be at MSG proper. I’ll be there, hoping they play Pinkerton front-to-back. Shh, I know.) The Village Voice (via perpetua) took the opportunity to talk to Cuomo about life, and nabbed this pullquote on how how things have changed for Weezer over the years:

I have a spreadsheet that documents every show we’ve ever played, and how much we got paid, and what was the capacity, and then how many people actually attended. I was looking back at ’94 and ’95 and just comparing where we were playing then to where we’re playing now. And it was peanuts, man.

Gotta love how tour gates and albums’ critical reception have inversely proportional trajectories. But more importantly: You are Weezer, so how do you give THE PEOPLE their money’s worth? Why you cover Oasis for a commenter-friendly YouTube embed. (And it’s not even “Wonderwall”…)

That’s Rivers on drums, Pat on vocals. And yes it’s “Morning Glory,” the song that Oasis played when the crazy Canadian guy took out Noel. (Oasis are still canceling tour dates, btw.) Maybe a show of solidarity? Or maybe just more savvy YouTubability. Anyway =w= fans, check back tomorrow for some MSG pics.

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