Lykke Li And Heidi Klum Sell A Smoother, Lighter Bra

Onetime Artist To Watch Lykke Li, more recently watched by Conan, is out there promoting a bra to watch: Victoria’s Secret Ipex bra’s microsmooth fabric conceals, never reveals, offering no nipple show-through, etc. The soundtrack? “Little Bit,” though the original and not the Loving Hand remix, which would’ve added another layer of sophomoric innuendo. Lykke Li hawking Victoria Secret gear does make more sense than this guy doing it, but he managed to appear in his advert, which suggests a different sort of victory. This time it’s Heidi Klum sans Seal (and clothing).

“Little Bit” minus Heidi:

Lykke Li – “Little Bit” (MP3)

Youth Novels is out in the states via Atlantic. The world’s most advanced bra is available now via retail, catalog, and online.