New Ray LaMontagne – “Meg White”

If you’re gonna write a song to woo Meg White, doing it while Jack is busy Bonding with Alicia is probably as good a time as any. Savvy, LaMontagne. The “Crazy” coverer and hailed troubadour has a new record out next month called Gossip In The Grain, and if he doesn’t sound as tortured as in the past, maybe it’s because he’s found a reason to get up in the morning. “Meg White” opens with spaghetti western whistles and strums before Ray kicks up some gossip in the grain by inviting Ms. White on long bike rides, romancing her with compliments (“Meg White, such a pretty sight”), and finding a way to hit on her rather diplomatically. (“Baby you’re the bomb. Oh Jack is great, don’t get me wrong. But this is your song.”) All of this is real, by the way.

See? Word is Meg has heard the song, and was touched, and has accepted Ray’s invitation to his upcoming show in Detroit. Gossip In The Grain indeed. The record is out 10/14 via RCA. Preorder at iTunes.