Interpol, Josh Hartnett Show Off Their “Slow Hands” For Armani

The economy’s fucked, but if you’re Josh Hartnett, used to sleep with ScarJo, and currently wake up in a noirish urban condo, own a very starchy white shirt, and motor around the city in your convertible (in which you can’t stand to hear “Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend,” in fact, it makes you laugh to yourself), then why not douse yourself with Armani’s new Diamonds for men fragrance? It’s not entirely clear why the sequence is soundtracked by Interpol’s “Slow Hands” until you see a bunch of literal slow zombie-as-adoring-fans’ hands reaching for Hartnett and then comes his own dramatic nod to the theme song. I had no idea he was running for president. Or that b-list celebrities got such warm welcomes.

Good for Josh, but it’s unclear why they didn’t just use this.