Neil Young On The Daily Show

And what you missed after the commercial break:

JON: Before we go, we’re gonna check in with our good friend Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report. Stephen!
STEPHEN: Hey Jon, lemme tell you something. Neil Young is the best songwriter of the last forty years. The man sings it like it is. Remember his great song about Kent State? Where the brave National Guardsmen take on those anti-American peacenik hippies? Great stuff.
JON: Uh. Actually, Stephen, I think you might’ve missed the point of that song.
STEPHEN: I dunno Jon. Great music can be interpreted in many ways … although mine is the only correct one. Hey, tell him to say hi to Crosby and Nash for me!
JON: Alright, I’ll do that Stephen.
STEPHEN: Not Stills though. Screw that guy.


  • “Nothing against epileptics but come on. Neil Young drew 80,000 people in Italy and he doesn’t speak a word of Italian.” -Randy Newman
  • “Every Neil Young Song You Ever Heard” -Dana Carvey