South By Stereogum Update

South By Stereogum Update

Check this out.

I mean, I have framed Radiohead silkscreen posters in my closet that my wife Eliza won’t let me hang in our apartment, but it’s so fucking cool that we got Jermaine Roberts to design one for Immediate Media Presents South By Stereogum. There’ll be a limited run of 200, signed and numbered, on sale at our day party.

I finally figured out the merch situation. We’ll have guys and girlie tees, in all the sizes you’ll need. They’re black. I, however, will be wearing a blue shirt. And one of ‘em actually says SCOTT on the back. I know that’s incredibly lame, but I’m supposed to meet up with like 1,000 of you at SXSW, and this is a really easy, retarded way for you to find me and say hi. “Hi, Scott Stereogum!” “Hey Stereogum, Aloha was awesome. I am going to purchase their latest LP at a record store!” “Hi Scott — stop posting photos of Fall Out Boy’s cock.” Etc…

Yes, we have beer! Probably a drink ticket system and we’ll hand you a couple on your way in. And free BBQ from John Mueller’s.

Remember when we asked you about wristbands? Turns out we’re getting hooked up with them (plus access to a chauffeured car) all made possible by Yaris, who has an excellent itinerary builder for you. Every day they’ll be videotaping me, Jim, Jed, and Aziz, our blogger friends, and any of you people we run into. Then they’ll turn it into a behind-the-scenes video diary. As long as they edit out everyone except Aziz, it should be pretty fucking entertaining. We’ll blog daily, fill you in on the day’s activity, and let you know which bands we’re seeing.

But which bands ARE we seeing? Like everyone else heading to Austin next week, I’ve been RSVPing like crazy and still don’t know exactly where I’ll be (except Thursday noon-5pm, obvs).


Top 5 bands Stereogum MUST check out at SXSW. POST IN THE COMMENTS.

And yes, the invite list is completely closed, we’re away ABOVE capacity. But you could stop by and hang around; you never know if we’ll just start letting people in…

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