More Songs About Buildings And Hitler Hairdos

You know that Ronson remake of Radiohead’s “Just” we were going apeshit over? Now you can preview two more tracks from Exit Music: Songs For Radioheads — “In Limbo” by the Sa-Ra crew and “Morning Bell” by the Randy Watson Experience & Donn. Listen here (SWF).

Full Tracklist:
1. Shawn Lee – No Surprises
2. The Randy Watson Experience with Donn – Morning Bell
3. Sa-Ra Creative Partners – In Limbo
4. Pete Kuzma with Bilal – High and Dry
5. Mark Ronson with Alex Greenwald – Just
6. Rjd2 – Airbag
7. Matthew Herbert with Mara Carlyle – Nice Dream
8. Lo-Freq – Blow Out
9. Meshell Ndegeocello & Chris Dave – The National Anthem
10. The Bad Plus – Karma Police
11. Sia ? Paranoid Android
12. Osunlade with Erro – Everything In Its Right Place
13. Wajeed featuring Monica Blaire – Knives Out
14. Cinematic Orchestra – Exit Music (For A Film)

Meanwhile Thom posted today on the official Radiohead blog.

all i need
s’all wrong

s’all right

s’all wrong

s’all right.

today, myself, i was struggling, feels like we been trapped for a long time. in la la land. very frustrating. and under pressure now
its so slow.
enough to drive anyone loopy. im supposed to be positive>>
smiling faces for the outside. well im fucking tearing my hair out.
too much at once.
furiously writing, working out parts. cracking up.
not much time left. unshure about everything.
im not supposed to put any of this here. so thats why i am.


Someone needs a hug.

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