V Is For Rapping About Natalie Portman’s Vagina

MC Hershlag’s new movie comes out Friday.

Critical response has been mixed. But Alan Moore, the graphic novelist who created V, thinks it’s shit. The NY Times ran a big profile about his vendetta against V For Vendetta. Best quote (totally out of context): “If I had raped and murdered a schoolbus full of retarded children after selling them heroin, I doubt that I would have been cross-examined for 10 hours.”

I’m always amused by Arts & Leisure’s unfortunate juxtaposition of ads and editorial. (She goes for the Magazine.)


And since you keep e-mailing us about where you can watch Miss Portman’s SNL Digital Short: it’s on NBC.com.

Or, if you just want audio:
MC Hershlag – “A Day In The Life” (MP3 link removed)

Or, if you just want to wear it:
Natalie Portman Raps: The T-Shirt (CLOTH)

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