Friday AM … Er, Early PM SXSW Update

Just a quick post to say 1)we survived our party and 2)the party was f’in awesome! All the bands played their hardest, the beer was free and cold, and the BBQ was unbelievable (Aziz: “That barbeque was so good, even Brooklyn Vegan had some. He’s changing his website to ‘'”).

Unfortunately, we were so busy cleaning up after the show, and we had all sorts of crap to haul back to the hotel, so we missed the secret Beastie Boys show. We did catch The Fiery Furnaces and Dresden Dolls at the same place, Stubb’s, later that day, sadly missing Deadboy and the Elephantmen, who’d opened the show. The Dolls absolutely killed a cover of “War Pigs,” dedicating it to The Flaming Lips, who’d covered the same song last night.

Today, we’re going to about 37 different shows…in fact, I have to ditch this Kinko’s and catch up with Jed and Scott.

If anyone’s in town, leave your rumors about tonight and “best of”s from last night in the comments.

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