Bloc Party Get A Little More Intimate, Pay Respects To My Bloody Valentine

The cover image Kele’s crew affixed to the rush-released version of Intimacy stood in stark contrast to the album’s title. At the time I thought maybe the band was dealing in irony. Now I’m thinking they are just having fun with the internet news cycle some more. So say hello to the new look of Intimacy, which accompanies the album’s physical format, out in a month (10/27 in the UK via Witchita, 10/28 in the US via Atlantic). If you already have it in your iTunes, click the post title for the big version and save away.

And as EnchantingWizardOfRhythm notes, the cover’s also an homage to My Bloody Valentine’s Glider EP cover. The side-by-side:


MBV, so hott right now.

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