Today In Lennon: Seance, Reissue, Juggling, Leto

1. John Lennon fans are understandably peeved that he’ll be the unwilling headliner of a 4/24 pay-per-view séance that will attempt to make contact with the dead Beatle. Starcast Productions head Paul Sharratt explains:

“People say this is disgusting and I accept that criticism, but we’re making a serious attempt to do something that many, many millions of people around the world think is possible.”

If anyone tunes in, let us know what Johnny has to say about Macca’s revisionist song crediting (i.e., Lennon/McCartney –> McCartney/Lennon).

2. In less controversial news, Capitol has found more ways to resell Fab Four albums to those of us who already own them. Capitol Albums Volume 2, out two weeks before the aforementioned séance, is a companion to the ’04 collection of the group’s first four U.S. albums. Billboard reports:

“The new edition sports The Early Beatles, Beatles VI, the Help! soundtrack, and the American pressing of Rubber Soul, all of which were originally released in 1965. As with the first boxed set, each track is presented in both stereo and mono mixes. Out of the 92 individual tracks, 82 are appearing here in versions previously unreleased on CD. Each album is housed in a sleeve replicating its original LP artwork.”

3. Finally, head over to to watch a highlight from juggler Chris Bliss’ astounding show. I once met the juggling world record holder (10 balls!), and Chris doesn’t compete on that level, but he does do some cool shit … all to the sweet sounds of “Carry That Weight.”

Meanwhile last week Perez Hilton dug up another photo of Jared Leto in Mark David Chapman mode. The gossip rags are reporting that L. Lo is avoiding her former diary subject Jared due to his weight gain to play Chapman in Chapter 27. But honestly, why would Lindsay need Catalano-as-stalker when she has Perez? (OK, I’m just jealous … but man, the vitriol in his comments section is intense!)

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