The Walkmen Go For A Walk In San Francisco

The Walkmen’s fourth album You & Me is powered, largely, through a dense, dark ambiance and Hamilton Leithauser’s raw howl. If you strip away the sonic layers, and perform the songs acoustically, you lose the underwater drums and the sense that track’s are buried beneath years of snow, but in exchange you get more of Leithauser’s voice, his late-night brandy-infused Closing Time. See, for instance, the New Yorkers performing for La Blogothèque in San Francisco, taking You & Me’s “Four Provinces” (labeled “Hey Leah”) for a stroll and offering up “I Lost You” beneath the hoops of an outdoor basketball court. (Note: That’s not Eli Manning in the above pic.)

“I Lost You”

“Hey Leah”

(Via P4K)

A simpler, less encumbered visual than that “In The Near Year” clip, and all the better for it.

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