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Band To Watch: Candy Bars

Terrible band name and confounding album title. But Stereogum is making a concerted effort to hear all the never-heard-of-‘em CDs making an unwiedly pile on our desk, and this ended up on the iPod. While it’s not our style to post more than one track per album, Tampa-based Candy Bars are something special.

Lead Candyman Daniel Martinez exercises whisper-to-a-dream vocals to paint visceral narratives that take multiple listens to sink in. But you’ll immediately fall for his astral guitar licks that meld with Melissa Castellano’s tasteful orchestration and Ryan Hastings’ restrained percussion. This trio knows exactly what it’s doing. Think Eric Matthews fronting the Wrens.

New Granada has two MP3s for download:

Candy Bars – “Enough To Choke A Cold Air” (MP3)
Candy Bars – “Violet” (MP3)

Both great. But I need you to hear:

Candy Bars – “The Flood in Your Old Town” (MP3 Link Expired)
Candy Bars – “The Birthday Song” (MP3 Link Expired)

“Oh my god! / It’s somebody’s birthday AGAIN.” Who can’t relate to that?

Buy On Cutting Ti-Gers in Half and Understanding Narravation at New Grenada and be the band’s friend on MySpace.

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