New Coldplay Video – “Lost”

From first spin of Viva La Vida…, “Lost” has been my personal favorite, mixing just the right portions of Peter Gabriel and U2 to move the arenas they so badly want to move. Although when I saw the band at MSG, my brother turned to me and said “Hey, that’s a pretty sweet organ line … that nobody in the band is playing.” It was a pretty sweet ZING, and I’m having flashbacks to it watching the track’s official “live” video which wasn’t recorded at the Garden but may as well have been since they never change their clothes (zang). After the relatively high concept clips for “Viva La Vida” and “Violet Hill,” a concert clip is welcome, especially since this is better than your average concert clip because of the cracked-out camera zooms and super high-def closeups.

Good song. But if you’re wondering, no, Chris’s voice does not sound that good live (it sounds more like this). Consider it an alternate studio vocal take with crowd sounds mixed in for bonus keepin’ it real. “Lost” is getting a proper single release on 11/10 via a digital Lost EP. And a reminder: There’s lots more Coldplay music on the way.

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