Love Is All @ Knitting Factory, NYC 3/24/06

I wasn’t expecting the mosh pit elbow lashings. I definitely wasn’t expecting the crowd surfing. Damn, was I gonna get pictures? Was that new jacket I just threw on the floor going to be ravaged by the crowd’s frantic stomp? Was I about to collapse from exhaustion right before this late set started? Turned out I couldn’t have cared less: for thirty-five minutes Friday night, I remembered why I’m an incorrigible concert junkie. We yelled and screamed. We pushed and pulled. We collectively tore the roof off the Knit. Want one of this year’s most raucous indie rock shows? Go see Love Is All.

The mania that this band induces is culled somewhere in transmission. There’s frantic power in its lo-fi drum and bass pulse. Its dramatic, anthemic chants. Its smattering of kitschy cowbell, scathing sax, and the heavily reverbed vocal yelps of my newly crowned indie rock princess, Josephine Olausson.

And though these songs possess hooks that are as buoyant as they are terse, I didn’t expect this sort of group delirium. Mouthing, sans mic, “You are the best crowd ever,” vocalist-guitarist Nicholas Sparding was slack-jawed. I told people before the show: “These are songs you need to hear.” I’ll amend: These are songs you need to hear live. Though I’m a hopeless convert of LIA’s madcap pop, I retreated wondering whether it was the band or crowd that moved me more. The solution is simple: I’m going to see them again. You should too.

Talk Talk Talk
Ageing Had Never Been His Friend
Used Goods
Spinning and Scratching
Felt Tip
Busy Doing Nothing
NYA (??)
Make Out Fall Out Make Up
New Song

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