Editors @ Webster Hall, NYC 3/30/06

Seems like every hype-mongering band has a tagline, doesn’t it? For Editors, you’ve heard it enough to make you cringe: this band must be seen live. Until you have, you’ll never understand the fuss. These Brits pulled it off in grand fashion at Merc a few months ago; they did it again in Austin. Tonight, at their biggest NYC show to date, Editors definitely performed well enough, but they almost left us without something special to remember ‘em by. Almost.

I was surprised by the amount of time it took for sold-out Webster to fill up. Also found it odd that kids had a tough time getting rid of their extras (at less than face, mind you). This was Editors’ fourth NYC show in ten weeks — and second in three nights — and that may have been a factor. Hell, maybe that was the reason tonight’s crowd offered such tempered enthusiasm. Sure, songs like “All Sparks” and “Munich” had crowd and floorboards bopping, but there was a faint disconnect this night between band and audience. Though Editors continue to get better, and Tom Smith’s baritone more distinct, their seemingly built-for-arena anthems didn’t capture the Hall how I’d anticipated.

With the show drawing to a close, it seemed the night was to be remembered as much for its passably receptive crowd as for its worthy performance. But then it happened. After the first verse of show-closer “Fingers In The Factories,” with Chris Urbanowicz repeating his three-note guitar figure, Tom motioned to the roof. Nowhere near a mic, he screamed something. Some sort of command, maybe, it really didn’t matter. He looked at the crowd, pointed at the balcony and screamed something else. And there it was: a tidal wave of buzz. Swelling from the stage, rippling through the crowd … creeping up our spines until we erupted in cheer. We roared our way through the next verse, and we pounded on that massive hook: the band on their instruments, and us on the floor. Finally. Goosebumps. This was the moment I’d take with me. This was Editors live.

Seen Editors lately? What’d you think?

For more of my pictures from last night, hit Village Indian. And check out AmpCamp for a free MP3 of “Heads In A Bag.”

UPDATE: Go here to download a .zip of Editors Live @ Warsaw 3/28/06. (Thanks Jason!)