Write An Indie Rock Commercial Jingle

I’ve said it before. Indie rock in commercials has lost its stigma. We applauded Iron & Wine’s dippy M&M kaleidoscope, The The’s handsome Dockers, My Morning Jacket’s low carb beer diet, Papas Fritas’ Dentyne dance, Jose Gonzalez’s Bravia ride, Morningwood’s American Eagle wardrobe… I can go on forever. (Apples In Stereo gave a convincing defense of this “selling out” to NY Times a few years ago.)

When Cat Power recorded a song especially for Cingular and Karen O for Adidas, the blogosphere went wild. We can only assume no one minded when Rolling Stones did the same for Rice Krispies back in ’64:

Band’s gotta make a buck, even if TV execs pick songs that stop making sense.

BUT there is one disturbing twist to the trend that’s rubbing Stereogum the wrong way. And that’s when lyrics are rewritten about the product.

Here are the latest offenders:
PRODUCT: Kraft Crumbles
PITCH:: “They’re crumbelievable!”

PRODUCT: Swiffer
PITCH: “Swiff it!”

PRODUCT: Papa John’s Pizza
ARTIST: The Go-Go’s
PITCH: “We got the meat!”

There’s also a new Maxwell House spot butchering Madness.

Maybe you’re not rolling your eyes ’cause those are oldies. I mean, Jane Wiedlin was on Surreal Life for chrissakes. But what if … your favorite indie/alternative songs were rewritten to pitch products? Would you go for that? “Fake Tales Of Rice-A-Roni (The San Francisco Treat)”? Let’s hear your best indie-tune-turned-jingle in the comments. The more ridiculous the better. Wittiest gets a cool prize I haven’t thought of yet.

Or, for the lazy: just tell us the latest indie rock song you heard in a commercial.